Uan Passbook or EPf Passbook Download at Uan login Portal

Uan login passbook or epf passbook at , learn facility is to view the Member Passbook and Changes in the credentials at Unified Member Portal  …. 

UAN Member Passbook service is available at The Universal Account Number has made the entire process of checking your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) online and user-friendly.

Through your UAN login , in case member can easily EPf withdraw; check their EPF balances without the assistance of their employer.

Uan Passbook will be available after 6 Hours of registration at Unified Member Portal.

One more thing, epf Passbook facility not be available for the Exempted Establishments Members / Settled Members / InOperative Members.

Uan passbook Check with uan number in Simple

what is UAN Number?

This is a 12 digit number given to all employees contributing to EPF by the Employee Provident Fund Organizations (EPFO).

Any request for new member identification card is started off by the employer and later the employee gives the UAN to his employer for the creation of the new member ID which will be linked to his or her account.


Epfo members with active UAN numbers can now easily download UAN passbook for their Pf balance and other credit details.

Those without the number can log in to the old epfo portal to download the uan login passbook. This means that all UAN login portal members can use the epfo mobile apps and also SMS missed call services.

The importance of having this passbook is that it shows detailed transactions which are related to the EPf balance. Members should regularly confirm their balances and track their employers’ payments towards their pf accounts and to ensure that their contributions are made consistently each month.


The Employee Provident Fund Organizations (EPFO) has launched a new unified portal for both the employees and EPF employers.  Check your EPF balance online with e-passbook Download at uan Login to

This unified portal will assist its members to check their EPF balances in like manner epf passbook download with uan number , UAN cards and Also update their KYC status details.

The following are steps on how to download the UAN login passbook from the unified UAN portal;

  1.  Go to the unified member passbook Download (uan login passbook)


  1.  Log in using your UAN number and password.
  2.  Click on the view passbook link which will redirect you to member passbook download.
  3.  Click on ‘download passbook’.
  4. and then Your passbook will appear with details like deposit, withdrawal and pension contribution.


Some members may find it hard to download their passbook without UAN. There are only two ways in which one can download a passbook without the UAN number.

The first way is by checking your EPF balance in the form of an SMS.

While the second method gives the user the whole passbook of your EPF account and this equips the member with much information.

These methods are not highly recommend, because every present employee should have a UAN. One can download EPf uan  passbook without the UAN using this process;

1. Register on the members’ portal and then log in.
2. You do not need the password to login in as you will use the KYC document and the mobile number.
3. After login, download the passbook after giving the PF number.
4. A one-time password will sent to your mobile for authentication.
5. Once the pin is authenticated, a link will be provided to download the passbook.

For More details visit official website of UAN login portal :


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  1. Sir i missed my epf rejester mobile no ,bt we try try to change rej mobile no through online bt name and dod doesn’t match bt i put my correct dob and name how sokve my pblm?

  2. sir i have everytime try to withdrawing to claim. but everytime rejecting my claim. so please help us. It rejected reason for claim that,”Multiple Service” and Second is “Certificate A/B/C/D. my one and only single service start. and KYC was succeed. so help me

  3. I am having a PF number without UAN registration. Can any one help me to check the balance using PF number.
    Also please provide the process to link the PF number to existing UAN.


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